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About Us

Classic Messaging is a full service mass communications company based in Sugar Land, Texas.

We specialize in providing fully managed emergency mass messaging through the use of pre-recorded phone messages, SMS text messages and email. It is the fastest and most reliable method to deliver emergency information to residents and businesses. You can literally send thousands of messages in minutes from anywhere through telephone or web based access. As part of our full service offering, Classic Messaging creates and maintains opt-in programs that establish valuable databases for our clients.

  • Dominic Cashiola, President

    Over 15 years of experience as a national Telecom and Messaging account manager. Has lead in the identification and development of emergency notification needs for public organizations.

  • Ken Dulin, Vice President, IT

    Brings 17 years of experience in telecom related business operations, software development and management. Has been instrumental in the creation of the software applications and quality control processes currently used by the leaders of the telecom and messaging industry.

  • Rodney Vannerson, Vice President, Sales

    Served as a MUD director for over 10 years and understands the operational elements of water districts.

Located in Sugar Land, Texas

12808 West Airport Blvd, Suite 303S
Sugar Land,TX 77478